German publishers concerned the EU’s ePrivacy Regs are putting digital ad revenue at risk

The Association of German Magazine Publishers (VDZ) found news websites expect their revenue from native and programmatic advertising, as well as digital subscription sales, to drop. German publishers expect to lose more

How Foreign Affairs evolved its paywall strategy & added 40K in online subscriptions

Although Foreign Affairs has found success monetising online readers, its first paywall iteration was a haphazard effort at best, explained Anique Halliday, senior product manager at Foreign Affairs, during a recent Publishing Executive webinar on paywall

UK magazine launches £500k crowdfunding bid to counter ‘media’s broken business model’

Forty-four-year-old UK magazine the New Internationalist has launched a £500,000 Crowdfunding campaign. The money is needed to help the title relaunch and reinvent itself as it contends with dwindling print sales. Circulation currently